Sell My Home

What to Expect during our Appointment

  1. Tour Your Home Together
  2. Get to Understand Your Needs
  3. Explain My Massive Marketing System
  4. Decide on the Right Asking Price

Step 1. Tour Your Home Together

Point out Positive Features and any improvements you have made ...

This helps me to

  1. Enthusiastically promote your home to other Realtors and to Homebuyers, and
  2. Advise you on an accurate pricing strategy so you don't:
    • Under-price it and give it away, or
    • Over-price it and scare buyers away.

Step 2.  Understanding Your Needs

I'd like to understand your needs and objectives.  This is important because the more I know what you want, the better I can determine if, and how, I can best help.

  1. ​What do you expect from our get-together and what would be the ideal outcome?
  2. Your Current Home Details
  3. Why have you decided to sell?
  4. Where are you moving to?
  5. When do you need to be there?
  6. What have you done since your purchase to enhance its value?
  7. What asking price do you have in mind?
  8. What items do you plan on leaving?
  9. What happens if your house doesn't sell?
  10. What are your most important expectations from me as your agent?

Step 3. a.  Massive Marketing - Where do Home Buyers Search for Listings?

  • 19% Home Magazines
  • 28% Classified Ads
  • 53% Yard Signs
  • 89% Mobile Phones
  • 92% Internet

Step 3.b.  Massive Marketing - Engaging Other Realtors

Hundreds of Home Buyers work with Realtors everyday.  We work hard to notify all the other Realtors of your listing and to get them excited to show it to buyers they are working with.

  • Engage up to 10,000 Realtors through the Multiple Listing Service​ or MLS for short.
  • When you hire Denise, she offers up to half her listing fee to other Realtors for bringing a home buyer to your house.

Step 3.c.  Massive Marketing - Attracting First-time Buyers

39% of Home Buyers are buying their very first home.  Denise's nice and pleasant personality attracts dozens of first-time buyers each year.  

  • 96% of First-time buyers start by searching online​
  • They shop for 12 - 16 weeks
  • Most will need the seller to pay the buyer's closing costs

Step 3.d.  Massive Marketing - Attracting Repeat Buyers

61% of home buyers are buying their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th home and their needs are different than first-time buyers.

The MLS is the best tool for reaching repeat buyers because they are almost always selling their own home as well.  What do these buyers want when they search the MLS for listings?

  • ​Lots of good photographs
  • Video Tours
  • Engaging home description
  • Complete info including the Price

Step 3.d.  Massive Marketing - Attracting Out-of-state Buyers

With over 100,000 people moving into Utah each year, it is imperative to have an effective Internet strategy to get your home front and center on real estate searches.

Your home is listed on major sites such as:


Step 4.a.  Accurate Pricing Strategy - What is Market Value?

Home Buyers Comparison Shop.  Why is this important to remember? Because the "market" sets a home's value ...

  • ​Not the Assessor
  • Not the Appraiser
  • Not even the home seller

Competing Listings are important because buyers will look at those to see how your's compares.  But the real marker for pricing is:

  • SOLD Listings

Sold listing tell us what home buyers in today's market are willing to pay for a house.

Step 4.b.  Accurate Pricing Strategy - What Influences a Home's Value?

  1. Current Economy and Jobless Rate
  2. Mortgage Rates
  3. Availability of Financing
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Current Buyer Demand
  6. Your home's age, condition, size, etc.
  7. Number and prices of competing homes
  8. SOLD prices of similar homes

Step 4.c.  Accurate Pricing Analysis - How Do You Know if You Priced it Right?

The right asking price is determined by pinpointing exactly where home-buyers are in the current market.

  • Priced Right - Sold within 4 weeks
  • 2-4% High - Showings but no offers 
  • 4-6% High - Scant showings, drive-by's
  • 6+% High - No calls, no showings

Step 4.d.  Accurate Pricing Analysis - Right Pricing Brings Highest Price

A property that is priced correctly garnishes lots of showings and offers within the first few weeks.

Properties that are over-priced sit on the market and eventually sell for less.​

Seller's Role in the Home-selling Process

  1. Accurately Price Your House
  2. Stage it for Showings
  3. Give Buyers Easy Access
  4. Negotiate Every Offer
  5. Give Full and Honest Disclosures
  6. Cooperate with Inspections
  7. Collect Your Check at Closing

Agent's Role in the Home-selling Process

  1. Understand Your Needs
  2. Advise You on a Pricing Strategy
  3. Massively Market Your House
  4. Negotiate on Your Behalf
  5. Construct a Solid Contract
  6. Solve Transactional Problems
  7. Review Settlement Documents

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